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In 2022 when XSEDE began transitioning to ACCESS, most (but not all) of the institutions that hosted XSEDE and ACCESS resources had established Globus subscriptions, many with additional features beyond what XSEDE’s subscription provided. ACCESS CONECT maintained the XSEDE-wide Globus subscription for one more year, providing premium Globus features to all ACCESS-allocated resources and users. This ACCESS-wide subscription is now ending.

Thanks to the strong support of ACCESS resource providers, premium Globus features including sharing, browser uploads/downloads, and Globus platform features including data discovery and automation will continue to be available without interruption or configuration changes on most ACCESS resources. ACCESS’s user documentation includes guides for researchers using Globus with ACCESS resources. Several ACCESS resources offer features the ACCESS-wide subscription did not: high assurance collections for protected data and premium storage connectors for non-POSIX storage systems. 

ACCESS Globus endpoints will be reassigned to RP institutional subscriptions with no changes to system behavior. The ACCESS Operations team is coordinating these changes with RP administrators to ensure there is no interruption of service. All ACCESS resources will continue to be able to use the Globus free file transfer service, thanks to the hundreds of subscribing academic and research organizations.

If you are an ACCESS RP administrator and you haven’t been contacted by ACCESS Operations yet, feel free to open an integration and operations request at

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