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Addressing feedback on the ACCESS-allocated resource integration instructions (roadmaps) used in the Fall of 2022 to transition resources to ACCESS, ACCESS is releasing improved roadmaps for use by all existing and new resources wishing to be ACCESS-allocated:

ACCESS now has separate integration roadmaps for Allocated compute, storage, and cloud resources. These improved roadmaps do not affect the operational status of previosly integrated resources. However, the first task below does need resource provider attention, while the remaining are new optional tasks resource providers (RPs) should be aware of.

  1. New required task “ACCESS Allocated Resource Integration Coordination” requests that at least every 6 months RPs review and update the staff contacts provided to ACCESS. RP resource integration coordinator need to complete this task by following the above task link, and then the “ACCESS Allocated Resource Contacts” link to update contacts in your RP tab.

  2. New optional task details how to deploy an “ACCESS OnDemand Portal

  3. New optional task details how to request “ACCESS DNS Records

  4. New optional task details how “Local Services (can be) ACCESS IAM Integrated

To submit questions please open an Integration and Operations Help ticket here or attend the next ACCESS Roadmaps and RP Meeting.


-- ACCESS Integration Roadmaps Working Group

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