ACCESS wide GitHub organization for ACCESS projects and affiliated operators.

ACCESS Operations has created and manages a GitHub organization for ACCESS wide use.  It is intended to provide a single, accessible location to host both public and private Git repositories for all ACCESS affiliated projects.


Requesting Access

Each ACCESS affiliated project has its own “team” to which developers can be added.

Team members of each of the ACCESS-CI projects (Allocations, Coordination Office, Metrics, Operations, and Support) can request membership in the corresponding ACCESS-CI GitHub organization team.

You can request access from the maintainer of the relevant team, or by opening an Integration and Operations Request at https://operations.access-ci.org/help and selecting the Issue Type "Operations: Tools - ...".

Usage Instructions

Each repository in the access-ci-org organization will be owned by one or more teams, which grants write access to team members by default.

Each ACCESS affiliated project has (or will have) its own “team” to which developers can be added.

A primary manager for each team will have “team maintainer” privileges, which allows them to manage team membership and settings. More information about the “team maintainer” privs can be found here.

Each team member will, by default, have read access to all of the team’s repositories, and be able to create new repositories owned by that team. Team maintainers can change access settings for repositories owned by the team, including granting write access.

At least one manager from each ACCESS affiliated project should request membership in their appropriate team.

Questions can be referred to @Eric Blau in the ACCESS-CI Slack (DM or #cross-track-tech), or by opening a ticket requesting "ACCESS Source Code Repository access".