Upgrades to ACCESS Ticketing System Coming Soon. FAQs

Steve to fill in.


Nagios Monitoring watches various ports and services to verify their operation.  Upon detection of a problem, an e-mail is sent to the relevant parties noting what particular service is experiencing problems.

Contacts: Steve Bird

Requesting Access

Any ACCESS admin who operates an ACCESS service can request Nagios to monitor their service.

Nagios uses the ACCESS oauth login process through IDP.  Users will also be required to be added to a designated group on the Nagios system to allow access.  To request access to this, email help@access-ci.org and mention that you need access in the email.

Usage Instructions

ACCESS Nagios is accessible at https://nagios.access-ci.org/ and the login process is through OAuth.  Once logged in, the Hosts and Services tabs on the left-hand side will be the most important as that's where the host and service checks live.