ACCESS resource providers and online service operators are strongly encouraged to publish infrastructure related news and outages through the ACCESS Operations Portal. Published infrastructure news and outages are displayed to researchers/users through the ACCESS Support portal, in affinity groups (coming soon), are may be access by developers through an API.

Requesting Access

When ACCESS allocated resource providers and ACCESS service operators integrating into ACCESS using an Integration Roadmap they complete the Operational Status Communications task which explains how to get access to infrastructure news publishing and how to post infrastructure news.

To view the complete roadmap based integration process see:

Usage Instructions

The news publishing form has basic instructions: New Infrastructure News.

  1. Please include user friendly resource names in the Subject
  2. News Content may include html
  3. Select one or more affected infrastructure elements
  4. Enter a start date and time in your local timezone
  5. Optionally, enter an end date and time in your local timezone
  6. You may update the news, for example to set the end date, at any time. When adding an update to your posting we recommend pre-pending the original text with an "Original post:" header, and pre-pending and pre-pending that with your update in with the "(date) update:" header followed by your update text  as show below.

Example news content with update

12-2-2022 update:

Issue fully resolved at 6am Central

12-1-2022 update:

The root cause has been identified and we anticipate resolution by 9am Central on 12-2-2022

Original post:

Big cluster is experiencing intermittent shared file system issue affecting some users. The cluster will remain available while we resolve the problem.