Submitted by Alex Ferrier on Thu, 10/13/2022 - 21:25
Upgrades to ACCESS Ticketing System Coming Soon. FAQs
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Stampede2 is currently experiencing a file system outage.  The system will be unavailable while emergency maintenance is performed.  Queues will be closed during this time.

We will be able to update with an estimated recovery when we're further along in the restoration.

Please submit any questions you may have via the TACC User Portal.

10/14/2022 Afternoon Update

Stampede2 emergency maintenance is ongoing. Admins will continue working to restore service as soon as possible. 

We will update User News when the machine is returned to service. Thank you for your patience.

10/15/2022 Morning Update

Stampede2 is back in production. Emergency maintenance has ended.

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