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ACCESS Operations has released the Information Publishing Framework (IPF) tool v1.7 for use by ACCESS allocated production compute clusters.

IPF enables compute clusters to automatically publish batch resource, queue, and job information, software module information, and (optionally) batch job events to the ACCESS Operations Information Sharing platform. Information from all the RPs is aggregated and made available through API to developers, enabling ACCESS portals, science gateways, and other services to display this information to researchers.

IPF v1.7 highlights:

  1. First official ACCESS IPF release (derived from the last XSEDE release)
  2. IPF and slurm interactions are now parameterized making (re)configation more flexible
  3. Software modules with the don't publish flag set are no longer published
  4. Refactored IPF configuration tool to enable reconfiguring a single specific workflow
  5. New convenience scripts for updating ca-certs.pem
  6. Support for python-amqp 2.4 and above
  7. Improved documentation
  8. New generic publisher will enable RPs to publish any dynamic information (not used by ACCESS yet)

Installation instructions are available at:

-- ACCESS Operations




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