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ACES is a Dell cluster with a rich accelerator testbed consisting of Intel Max GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), Intel FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), NVIDIA H100 and A30 GPUs, NEC Vector Engines, NextSilicon co-processors, Graphcore IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units). The ACES cluster consists of compute nodes using a mix of the following processors:

Intel Xeon 8468 Sapphire Rapids processors
Intel Xeon Ice Lake 8352Y processors
Intel Xeon Cascade Lake 8268 processors
AMD Epyc Rome 7742 processors

The compute nodes are interconnected with NVIDIA NDR200 connections for MPI and access to the Lustre storage. The Intel Optane SSDs and all accelerators (except the Graphcore IPUs and NEC Vector Engines) are accessed using Liqid's composable infrustructre via PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect express) Gen4 and Gen5 fabrics.

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Texas A&M University
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