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Expanse GPU will be a Dell integrated cluster, NVIDIA V100 GPUs with NVLINK, interconnected with Mellanox HDR InfiniBand in a hybrid fat-tree topology. There are a total of 52 nodes with four V100 SMX2 GPUs per node (with NVLINK connectivity). There are two 20-core Xeon 6248 CPUs per node. Full bisection bandwidth will be available at rack level (52 CPU nodes, 4 GPU nodes) with HDR100 connectivity to each node. HDR200 switches are used at the rack level and there will be 3:1 oversubscription cross-rack. In addition, Expanse also has four 2 TB large memory nodes. The system will also feature 12PB of Lustre based performance storage (140GB/s aggregate), and 7PB of Ceph based object storage.

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