PSC Bridges-2 GPU-AI (Bridges-2 GPU Artificial Intelligence)
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Bridges-2 combines high-performance computing (HPC), high performance artificial intelligence (HPAI), and large-scale data management to support simulation and modeling, data analytics, community data, and complex workflows.

Bridges-2 Accelerated GPU (GPU) nodes are optimized for scalable artificial intelligence (AI; deep learning). They are also available for accelerated simulation and modeling applications. Bridges-2 GPU nodes each contain 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100-32GB SXM2 GPUs, providing 40,960 CUDA cores and 5,120 tensor cores. In addition, each node holds 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6248 CPUs; 512GB of DDR4-2933 RAM; and 7.68TB NVMe SSD. They are connected to Bridges-2's other compute nodes and its Ocean parallel filesystem and archive by two HDR-200 InfiniBand links, providing 400Gbps of bandwidth to enhance scalability of deep learning training.

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Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
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