PSC Bridges-2 Storage (Bridges-2 Ocean)
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The Bridges-2 Ocean data management system provides a unified, high-performance filesystem for active project data, archive, and resilience. Ocean consists of two tiers, disk and tape, transparently managed by HPE DMF as a single, highly usable namespace.

Ocean's disk subsystem, for active project data, is a high-performance, internally resilient Lustre parallel filesystem with 15PB of usable capacity, configured to deliver up to 129GB/s and 142GB/s of read and write bandwidth, respectively.

Ocean's tape subsystem, for archive and additional resilience, is a high-performance tape library with 7.2PB of uncompressed capacity (estimated 8.6PB compressed, with compression done transparently in hardware with no performance overhead), configured to deliver 50TB/hour.

Is an ACCESS Allocated Production Storage resources
Storage is the main purpose of this resource
Resource is allocated by ACCESS
ACCESS Online Service directly usable by ACCESS projects
ACCESS Online Service providing software interfaces or targeting developers
ACCESS Online Service directly usable by compute/storage/cloud resource providers
Is a Science Gateway integrated into ACCESS and able to use ACCESS allocated resources
ACCESS Online Service directly usable by allocated users
Resource supports allocated user advanced reservations
Resource supports community accounts for science gateways
Resource support community software areas for science gateways to share software on a resource
Resource support hosting of science gateway data collections
Resource supports virtual hosting of science gateway web interface
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Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
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