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Purdue's Anvil cluster is comprised of 1000 nodes (each with 128 cores and 256 GB of memory for a peak performance of 5.3 PF), 32 large memory nodes (each with 128 cores and 1 TB of memory), and 16 GPU nodes (each with 128 cores, 256 GB of memory, and four NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs) providing 1.5 PF of single-precision performance to support machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. All CPU cores are AMD's "Milan" architecture running at 2.0 GHz, and all nodes are interconnected using a 100 Gbps HDR Infiniband fabric. Scratch storage consists of a 10+ PB parallel filesystem with over 3 PB of flash drives. Storage for active projects is provided by Purdue's Research Data Depot, and data archival is available via Purdue's Fortress tape archive. The operating system is CentOS 8, and the batch scheduling system is Slurm.

Anvil's advanced computing capabilities are well suited to support a wide range of computational and data-intensive research spanning from traditional high-performance computing to modern artificial intelligence applications.

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