Indiana Jetstream2 GPU
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Jetstream2 is a user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers and students access to computing and data analysis resources on demand as well as for gateway and other infrastructure projects.

This is for the GPU-specific Jetstream2 resources only.

Jetstream2 GPU is a hybrid-cloud platform that provides flexible, on-demand, programmable cyberinfrastructure tools ranging from interactive virtual machine services to a variety of infrastructure and orchestration services for research and education. This particular portion of the resource is allocated separately from the primary resource and contains 360 NVIDIA A100 GPUs -- 4 GPUs per node, 128 AMD Milan cores, and 512gb RAM connected by 100gbps ethernet to the spine.

Is an ACCESS Allocated Production Cloud resource
Run Jobs and Workflows on ACCESS Resources from a Single Entry Point
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GPU use is the main purpose of this resource
Resource is allocated by ACCESS
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Indiana University
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