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FASTER (Fostering Accelerated Scientific Transformations, Education and Research) is funded by the NSF MRI program (Award #2019129) and provides a composable high-performance data-analysis and computing instrument. The FASTER system has 180 compute nodes with 2 Intel 32-core Ice Lake processors and 256 GB RAM, and includes 240 NVIDIA GPUs (40 A100 and 200 T4 GPUs). Using LIQID’s composable technology, all 180 compute nodes have access to the pool of available GPUs, dramatically improving workflow scalability. FASTER will have HDR InfiniBand interconnection and access/share a 5PB usable high-performance storage system running Lustre filesystem. thirty percent of FASTER’s computing resources will be allocated to researchers nationwide through XSEDE’s XRAC process.

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Unique, innovative or non-traditional compute resource
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Composable hardware fabric
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Specialized analysis nodes with large memory
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Texas A&M University
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