ACCESS User Registration


  • Your ACCESS ID is the same as your XSEDE Portal account. Please do not create a new ACCESS ID.
  • You do not need to change your password or your Duo registration for ACCESS.
  • Select the “ACCESS CI (XSEDE)” identity provider to log on using your XSEDE account.

Avoid Creating Duplicate Accounts

If you already have an XSEDE or ACCESS account, please do not create another one. Select the “ACCESS CI (XSEDE)” identity provider to log on using your existing XSEDE/ACCESS account. You can request a username reminder and/or reset your password to continue using an existing account. If you’re having trouble accessing an existing account, please contact us rather than creating another one.

Registration Tips

To avoid problems during registration, please:

  1. Do not exit your browser during the registration process. If you exit in the middle of the registration process, you’ll need to contact us for assistance.
  2. Be sure to complete the email verification. You will receive an email from containing a URL that you need to open to complete your registration. If you don’t receive the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you fail to complete the email verification, you’ll need to contact us for assistance.
  3. Copy the email registration URL from your email client to open in your trusted web browser. Do not open the URL directly in your email client, because that may use a “lightweight web browser” that will fail to complete your registration.

Two Options for New User Registration

If you don’t already have an XSEDE or ACCESS account, there are two registration options:

  1. Register with an existing identity: Using an existing University account when registering with ACCESS simplifies the sign-up process and enables you to log in to ACCESS using that existing account. With this option, creating an ACCESS-specific password is optional during registration, and you will also have the option to create an ACCESS-specific password later if needed.

    If your University is not included in the listing or you have trouble logging in with your University account, please use the other registration option.
  2. Register without an existing identity: With this option, you’ll be prompted to enter all your registration info and select an ACCESS-specific password and set up Duo MFA for ACCESS. You can link a GitHub, Google, Microsoft, ORCID, or University account later if desired.

    When configuring Duo MFA, we recommend that you install the Duo security app on your phone and configure it to use “Duo Push”. We do not recommend the “Phone Call” option, because it is unreliable.