ACCESS Resource Provider (RP) Forum

The national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem is powered by a broad set of Resource Providers (RP). The ACCESS Resource Provider Forum consists of RPs that are autonomous entities that agree to coordinate with ACCESS and each other to varying degrees. The ACCESS Resource Provider Forum may also include other non-service provider organizations.

For more information about ACCESS-allocated resources, visit our Resource Providers page.

Resource Providers are projects or organizations that provide cyberinfrastructure (CI) services to the science and engineering community. In the US academic community, there is a rich diversity of RPs, spanning centers that are funded by NSF to operate large-scale resources for the national research community to universities that provide resources and services to their local researchers. The Resource Provider Forum is intended to facilitate this ecosystem of RPs, thereby advancing the science and engineering researchers that rely on these cyberinfrastructure services. The RP Forum provides:

  • An open forum for discussion of topics of interest to the RP community.
  • A formal communication channel between the RP Forum members and the ACCESS project.

ACCESS strives to drive new thinking and transformative discoveries in all areas of science and engineering research and education by reaching out to the full NSF-funded CI ecosystem. Today’s CI researchers and educators need access to an expanded ecosystem that includes cloud resources, campus-centric resources, distributed high-throughput computing resources, large-scale data sources, and specialized instruments integrated in different ways. ACCESS utilizes integration roadmaps to provide the mechanism for the synthesis and expanded access of RPs. The integration roadmaps define how RPs interact as a cohesive ecosystem via integrated identity management, common resource descriptions, and coordinated resource access. The Integration Roadmap process includes an explicit feedback loop with RPs to continually improve interactions as the included set of RPs expands, promoting greater democratization with access to integration options.

ACCESS is currently working diligently to integrate the existing XSEDE L1 service providers into the ACCESS ecosystem to ensure a seamless transition for the community. Once this initial integration is complete, ACCESS will begin work to expand the RP community. 

How to join the RP Forum

Resource providers integrating an ACCESS Allocated Production Compute, Storage, or Cloud resource using ACCESS Integration Roadmaps will join the RP forum using the instructions in the Resource Provider Forum Participation task in their respective roadmap.

Information for RP Forum participants.