Information for Operators

ACCESS Operators are the organizations that operate ACCESS integrated infrastructure, including: ACCESS allocated compute, storage, and cloud resources; ACCESS integrated science gateways; ACCESS integrated un-allocated campus compute, storage, or cloud resources; and the ACCESS projects operating central services.

To become ACCESS Operator, organizations generally need to follow a process detailed in an ACCESS Infrastructure Integration Roadmap. Each roadmap lists the coordination, technology, and support tasks and activities that a candidate operator must perform for their infrastructure to reach an ACCESS defined operational status.  ACCESS Infrastructure Integration Roadmaps are comprehensive because they contain tasks and activities defined in coordination by all ACCESS projects. 

ACCESS Integration Roadmaps

For an introduction to ACCESS Roadmaps review these slides.

Officially released roadmaps:

Roadmaps under development.

  • Science Gateway Roadmap
  • Un-allocated Campus Compute, Storage, Cloud

Operator tasks and activities


Allocations and Account Process

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Web Presence and Content

  • News and Outage Publishing
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Ticketing System

  • Access to the Ticket System
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Networking and Data Services

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