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Data & Networking

The ACCESS Networking and Data Transfer Services (NDTS) team provides an efficient and resilient data transfer capability across the ACCESS ecosystem. The team also seeks to identify new data transfer and networking technologies and methodologies for potential introduction into the ACCESS ecosystem.

NDTS focuses primarily on the following areas:

  • Data Architecture and Transfer Services
  • Performance Metrics
  • Cyberinfrastructure Community Engagement



ACCESS wide area network connectivity for RPs is via an L3VPN provisioned on Internet2, the national research and education (R&E) network backbone provider.

Contact: t3-ndts@access-ci.org


High-performance and reliable data transfer services

Contact: TBA

DNS Services

access-ci.org DNS along with xsede.org and teragrid.org legacy DNS

Contact: TBA

RP Network Connectivity Optimization

Resource provider end-to-end performance analysis and optimization

Contact: TBA


Network performance and throughput testing for RPs and potentially anyone using ACCESS services

Contact: TBA
Administration of XSEDE’s high-speed Internet2 overlay network, XSEDEnet, was transitioned to NDTS as the team began working with Internet2 on the XSEDEnet to CONECTnet transition. NDTS agreed to continue with an L3VPN architecture and, in cooperation with Internet2, requested that Internet2 create a new ACCESS OESS workgroup for provisioning the infrastructure, providing a more adaptive and well managed administration approach for CONECTnet. Migration to CONECTnet is in progress with the ACCESS resource providers, and from the view-point of the RPs, the transition is seamless. Support for Globus file transfer continues through the first year of ACCESS operations ending 31-Aug-2023, with documentation and help made available to users for Globus Connect Server 5.4.