ACCESS Operations Concierge Integration Experts (CIE) are a team of highly experienced staff that assist infrastructure operators in following ACCESS Infrastructure Integration Roadmaps to integrate into the ACCESS ecosystem. This assistance is most useful to new operators integrating infrastructure for the first time. Experience operators should be able to follow integration roadmap with little assistance. 

Obtaining CIE Help

Operators begin the integration process by selecting the roadmap that applies to their type of infrastructure and their desired intragration status, for example, an operator with an HPC compute cluster that wishes to be ACCESS allocated would select the ACCESS Allocated Production Compute integration roadmap.

The first task in each roadmap details how to start the integration process. For example, for ACCESS Allocated Production Compute the first task is ACCESS Allocated Resource Integration Coordination. This task details how an operator starts and coordinates integration with ACCESS. During that spin-up process, operators will be introduced to one or more CIEs who will assist them with integration.