ACCESS uses an Integration Roadmaps Framework to define how operators can integrate classes of infrastructure into the ACCESS environment to achieve a defined operational status. This framework defines, for example, how HPC compute clusters can achieve the ACCESS allocated operational status, and will also be used to define how many new classes of emerging infrastructure can integrated to achieve ACCESS allocated, un-allocated, discoverable, or other statuses.


Existing ACCESS Infrastructure Classes

ACCESS has defined Integration Roadmaps for the following classes of infrastructure:

High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing clusters (definition) are used by logging in to front-end nodes, installing application software, and running batch computing jobs under a scheduler. These compute resources may include GPUs, and always provide some tightly coupled local storage.


Storage resources are used to store and manage large amounts of data.

Integration options (roadmaps):

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is used by launching and running virtual machines or containers.

Science Gateways

Websites / portals where researchers can run high-level computational science applications without having to directly interact with low level compute, storage, or cloud resources or request ACCESS allocations. These resources will typically allow the researcher to select their input and output datasets, select and configure the application they want to run, and then run that application for the researcher using compute, storage, and/or cloud resources that have been pre-configured for executing science gateway applications

Integration options (roadmaps):

Advanced CI of the Future

If you would like to explore integrating other new or novel infrastructure types, or want to discuss current infrastructure integration procedures, please let us know by opening an ACCESS Integration and Operation Support Request . The ACCESS program's mission is to enable new and novel infrastructure to integrate to further it's mission of enabling research, educators, and student to leverage cyberinfrastructure.

Integration Roadmaps Framework Participation

ACCESS projects contribute to the Integration Roadmaps Framework by participating in the ACCESS Integration Roadmaps Working Group where they develop, document, review, and release tasks and emerging roadmaps.