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ACCESS is introducing a new approach for integrating infrastructure with ACCESS, called Integration Roadmaps. Over the life of the ACCESS program, Integration Roadmaps for various kinds of cyberinfrastructure will provide a more flexible and transparent way to describe how both traditional and innovative cyberinfrastructure can integrate operationally in ACCESS and into other research infrastructures. In a nutshell, each integration roadmap details the tasks that infrastructure operators need to perform to make a specific class of cyberinfrastructure reach a specified operational status.

This approach will first be used in July and August of 2022 with the rollout of version 1.0 of the roadmap for “ACCESS-allocated production compute/storage/cloud” resources. This roadmap describes how existing XSEDE-allocated resources can become operational in ACCESS by September 1, 2022. This roadmap should also be used by new RPs who become an ACCESS-allocated resource after September 1, 2022. As new integration opportunities develop, updated versions of this roadmap—and roadmaps for other kinds of cyberinfrastructure resources—will be made available.

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